Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, September 26

Waking up to chilly air... and even a little rain... still doesn't seem to impact on the idea that the days switch it up and become sunshine and beauty.
Clouds are zinging past so I suppose mother nature is busy planning and plotting but for now... all is lovely.

Had physio ... more needles. (acupuncture)
I dunno if it's the physio or just the passage of time... but it's definitely getting better. :) (arm).

I'm literally BURSTING to get back downstairs and lay on the second coat of paint!!! I'm a bit anal about finding flaws in the workmanship of the drywall "tape and mud" zone... I know I did a better job in the other room... however, I also took two months to do it.  I know it's going to look g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-great but I'm allowed to be picky about my own work. :D

We sat down... snapped my usb key into the dvd player and watched a dl'd FIRST episode of a show called "prime evil".  Some of the writing is a bit off... but I can see some great characters... and that one guy looks like a semi-broken-clone of rob lowe!! :D haha..

I heard somewhere that Jaime Somers (not to be mistaken for Jamie Summers lol) makes her network splash tonight. I'm looking forward to that. (please please be good!!).
... and yes, I'm old enough to have a full slate of memories of wanting her on ... my team, when she was mz wagner... :D

~ shorts and a tee... fav business clothes in my whole closet. :)
~ physio first thing...
~ killer conference call from like... 10:30 to 3:00... yeegods.
~ another coat of colour in the basement tonight... :) I anticipate starting the dry-core floor this weekend!! :D
~ to tell nontradstudent how jealous I am of her trip to Iceland!!!!
~ that there's only good news or good plans at todays appointment for canuckgirl
~ and to thank ossie for a great link... Let me share: !!!!
(and dude... is a great freaking link too!!!! wohooo!)

Birthday moments
A very happy birthday wish out to aireal... a treasured friend. May this next year bring you the goals you are working so hard to achieve. Have a lovely birthday sugar.
And to the long lost kitykity... :D Hi Suzy-q. I hope you're finding happiness... keeping good health and living great fortune.

You know all that Am-a-dinner-job noise that folks are making?
It's like they hate him.
Save yer hate.
He doesn't actually have any power... it's like in the US with the prez decisions (The Decider) have to be ratified by congress... in Iran, Am-a-dinner-job has to have all his decisions ratified by a crazy wing nut guy in a giant black sheet that runs around yelling "booo!" at little kids.  It's practically a mirror the US system.
No, but really, the guy is just doing his job.
They elected him so he could be The Angry Posture Guy.
His job is to be the voice of unrest and discontent with all things Western.
He makes six tasteless comments generalizing hate and intolerance before he takes his first pee in the morning.
Essentially, his job description reads "Be a big dick head..."
Totally no use in hating this guy.
We don't want to "take him out" like we imagine doing if you could see Hitler in the 20's...
No, really... unless he was like, collateral damage to the flurry of bunker busters that rain down on the Ayatola guy.
And, considering that they're likely gay lovers... it's a good bet you nail one when you hit the other.
Because you know... Bush looks at Ayatola guy and always mutters "I'd hit that..."

Dear Russia:
Please let me take a moment to engage you long enough to give a bit of clarity to something that seems a bit miss-understood of late.
On my next (first) visit to Moscow, how be I just march into red-square and slap a little Canadian Flag on the paving stones and do my little "I'm the boss of you" dance.
Sound good to you?
Alternatively... you could slip on back into the Arctic Sea, sneak back into Canada, collect your weeny little flag and shove it up your... poot'en.

Yeah... still hoping someone has an mp3 of Bizarre Love Triangle, by James Bryan (sp?)

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