Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, September 22

Hola. :)
Welcome to Fall. :)
and another day in paradise...

Yesterday was all about yard work (cutting and trimming grass), sanding and patching the basement room, groceries and whipping up a great thai chicken dinner to share with some neighbors... The family of the boy that Geo is spending all his time with in da'hood. :D We knew them from years and years ago, when Geo was in Kindergarten (sp?) and we're loving the fact that we've come back together here in our new digs and just a few houses apart. They stayed all evening and... it's just good for the mind and body to relax into a friendship that doesn't have it's roots in work or ... you know... any "life baggage". :)

~ light blue ftls
~ white tee. :)
~ finish waking up...
~ go to Home Despot!! and buy tinted primer for the basement room...
~ spend some time with neighbors again...
~ enjoy a calm sunday. :)
~ that today went well for ladymeg1 ...
~ that I get to go to a really good ren-fair someday... and take the boys...
~ for a long time friend, here in la la land* (circlek) to catch a break...
~ to send some applause out to ninneviane... just 'cuz
~ and to send some lj love off to elizabethfry. :)

It's a drop dead gorgeous day out there... there is brilliant colour outside every window... It's hard to describe, but it's beautiful.
Cool night air... lovely days... Fall is totally wonderful in this city.

I cant decide if I'm angry with my body or if it's angry with me?
I've jumped up 4 lbs... in the last week... and it's totally because I ate crappy food for lunches and donut like snacks in the mornings ... without any real exercise to speak of (training course). "Four" is not an issue... although it's all in my tummy and affects how my work clothes fit... except that it translates into "digestive nightmares" as I lay eggs that could kill and have tummy bubbles... I need exercise, fruit, whole foods and lots of water...
My "arm" issues have kept me from the skate park... but I need to get back there and get a work out going.

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