Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, September 17

Sunny and cold... Fall Fall Fall!
The dew point is so significant that the whole world is a sheet of "wet" when we wander down the laneway to the bus stop.
Poor little Edward is complaining furiously about his sore foot, but ... he spent yesterday playing on it like mad (supposed to have hurt it on friday) ... that I cant lean to close to sympathy. I made him walk it out and go to school and warned him not to be on the phone mid day saying it's sore, etc... I felt like a heel, but ... he's gotta get on the "school is the rule" vibe good and solid.

~ gray ftls
~ blue jeans... although I'm getting desperate for a new pair..
~ a dk blue tee and a big blue sweater... (it's very brrrr out there today... well, for mid-september)
~ off to a training course for the day... no idea if I'll have "net access"... training all day, all week.
~ to watch... skim through... BB from last night. I'm not big on watching Dani and Dick sit there looking smug.
~ oh oh oh ... I have a new epi of Weeds. (Mary-Louise Parker!!! oh geez! Emmys... :D :D)
~ I could sweep Mary-Louise Parker off her feet...
~ for nutmeg to find her way from there... to a a headache free "here"...
~ that gigglecam and her main squeeze... can close their eyes and see what their friend would rather they remember.
~ for shebear to ... keep it up!
~ and for tomorrow to go swimmingly well for jacqui!!!

Birthday moment...
A very happy birthday to a girl who's likely wwwway too busy to see this note. :D Happy birthday kristylicious!! May the very hard work, the great success and all that you have been putting into your business... continue to reward you as this next year ticks away. I hope your heart is well cared for and that the men in your life... big and ... used-to-be-small-but-is-likely-bigger-every-day... are doing well. :)

Just wanted to say ... the Emmys. :)
~ I'm a total sucker for Izzy... and whatever it was she won... is great, 'cuz it meant she was walking around and talking and doing that big ol'smile of hers. :)
~ I got to see Mary-Louise... which pretty much makes my day every time that happens...
~ Ugly Betty won ... which was absolutely fabulous. She looked gorgeous.
~ I've over the Sopranos.
~ will it ever be possible to see Julia Louis-Dreyfus and not just picture her doing that "I got no rhythm" dance thing from Seinfeld?
~ I'm stunned that Sally Field didn't at least joke about saying "You love me..." and her war moment... was almost embarrassing.
~ oh oh oh ... and have you watched that Lyric game show on MTV? The one they took-off from during the show? It's a gas. :D
~ and did you catch the woman sitting beside Ellen? (wow).

K... gotta go. :)
See ya soon.

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