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Big Brother 8 Update... better late than never!! :)

Big Brother 8 : The Rib Cage Edition!

The Aftermath

Where in... a little common sense - possibly too late mind you – infects the house, and we get to watch little miss frigg’en perfect squirm a little. God it’s nice to watch!!!!! Jameka throws her towel over the big guy, Dickhead smokes, and Zack? He squeaks baby... he squeaks!

Loser say what?
(aka "The show in as few words as possible")
High-five time in the house of four and we get to see "booyah" on the captions... like we couldn't read lips. The deal between Dick and Jameka ... moments before the anti-booyah moment of Jessica’s ouster... has all the tell tail markings of Dickheads dickhead’ishness, Jameka is off the hook but feeling like the guilt ridden dog with a snout full of birthday cake watching his master roll up a newspaper, thinking it was look’en good a minute ago!!. DaniStick delivers a nice little "sucks for you" to the shadow of Eric after mistaking him for herself with a little "biggest liar in the house" crack, and then – with no cannon-fodder left for Dick and The Stick besides herself and Zack, Jameka decides to lay it down and let god carry the ball. Meanwhile Dani and her pecker head father are in the closet booyahing over their ability to (quote) "betray everybody!"... while they plot to fry Zack. The HoH game is a a quiz about pictures that were displayed for a day in the house and our host – the pervious, although short lived, HoH, Dick-Head, smokes his way through the game, handing a squeaker of a victory over to Zack and sending the Stick into another tail spin. She does her now cliché recovery by stealing herself to be silky smooth and razor sharp, but Zack is having none of it and (while I cheered quietly in the background) she gets increasingly and deservedly more agitated with his steadfast refusal to buy into her bullshit. She gets totally stabby and delivers a "what game are you playing" holler at his back as he leaves her squirming in her shorts – likely stuck to the vinyl barka-lounger in the HoH. They head out to a wee tiny table-for-four and watch while SOMEBODY FINALLY NOMINATES the Stick and her Dick. Thank you Zack. I just hope Jameka wins the frigging Veto.

Fav Quote
"I’m going to decrease and let god increase." Here’s hoping Jameka baby... bring it!

Stick: Eric gone? "Sucks for you!" then, "We betray everybody!! Haha..." and "what game are you playing? Huh? HUH?" and we get a few more votes for bitch-ass-cunt to be chiseled into her tomb stone.

Most Memorable Moment
Oh has to be watching Stick squirm as she tries to manipulate Zack... who was, pretty much, telling her to go fuck herself. Then he does the same for Dick when Dick-Head tries to be Mr. Angry-Toight-Pants... Toight!!! Toight!!! Hahahahahahaha... I’m guessing... "sucks for you" totally needs to be said.

He had the chance with that last veto to pretty much guarantee that Dani would get fried and he blew it. I know, he didn’t know he’d with HoH but if he or Jameka didn’t have HoH... then they were fucked anyways. Well at least he’s trying now. And it all comes down to the Veto game. If Zack or Jameka don’t win the Veto... Jameka goes home. No question. But if they do win... bwahahahaha... see ya blondie.

The winner...
K,... still say’en Zack! :D

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