Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, September 9

It's a gray day... maybe the rain will come.
I raced through a big "cut the lawn" experience the moment I woke up yesterday... anticipating the need then to beat the rain.
It never came.
Yesterday was all about mud and tape in the basement. The "TV" room is going to be fabulous. I broke up the work with several shopping trips... with "costco" and the normal grocery store.

Sad but True: I actually get good tips from checking out the "Hey try this and be motivate to buy 11 metric tonnes of it" booths in Costco. Yesterdays fun moment? Putting parchment paper in the bottom of a large skillet and simmering spaghetti sauce and pasta in it (little ravioli's). With a lid over it, the moisture conspires with the parchment paper to a) keep the pan clean!!! b) not make any burned-bits in the sauce and pasta!!! :D

~ shorts... but not my worlds-most-favorite shorts... they're in the wash. :)
~ random black tee...
~ big day... clean up and laundry folding etc...
~ then off to a "club" to have a meet-n-greet for my brothers 50'th birthday...
~ then my folks house for a big huge ginormous dinner ... still on the birthday celebration. 50!
~ BB tonight at some point... and then a whole bunch of folding and packing.
~ for lisabella to never have to swear at all... in court. :)
~ to thank Mr. dw_photoprojekt... just 'cuz...
~ and to point out that if I had a "how cool are you!!!" award... I'd likely give it to bronxelf_ag001

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday to bardiva ... who's very name... takes me back to my very early days playing in the blog-o-sphere... and day dreams and ... Have a very happy day sugar... and that the year keeps you safe and happy. :)

You deserve to have a fun moment of "wow!!!"
So I highly recommend you go to this youtube link [ :: and get your wow on! :: ]

It must be a wonderful thing, as parents, to see your children grown up... and I don't mean as teenagers, but this whole fifty thing. My parents are healthy and vibrant and they have three adult kids (well, I call myself an adult, but I don't know anyone else who calls me that) that are all pushing fifty or beyond. Amazing.

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