Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, September 5

yeah... another early day. :)

Up before the sun and ... stupidly, after going to bed wwwway too late. :(
However, we're dedicated to turning our world around and adopting an "early to bed" posture...
(not sure if this is possible, but we're gonna try.)

It's an amazing day, but it sure started on the Burrrrr side.

The boys were at the end of the laneway when I pulled out and headed off to collect my boss, and then go downtown to a client office for what was supposed to be a discussion... but when they got there, it became a "And Andrew is here to give a presentation." moment... I winged it and it went surprisingly well. :)
We'll get work out of this client... but I fear it will be a "lot of work" which usually translates into way too much time spent in their offices. I prefer being in my office tyvm!! :)

~ started out in the business best... and zee blazzzer.
~ but I'm back to shorts and an orange shirt... definitely not business.
~ I'll be back in business clothes and downtown by 4:00... this would have been "by 3:00", except ... the school called and I had to go collect Edward-of-the-upset-tummy. He's in bed ... and I can't go anywhere till Geo gets home from school. :( ah well... no big.
~ prospective client land for the morning...
~ and FINISHED report being sent to existing clients in Washington.
~ back to the office... hopefully get to print a few copies of my report...
~ and home...
~ We actually didn't watch BB last night... (too busy)... so we'll watch that with dinner. :)
~ that I can convince YOU to click [ :: this link :: ] to go to a friends journal (bratt72) and take her up on a "click me to vote" thing she's doing to win herself an ipod for having a cute pic of her little one in a contest... GO ON... click it!!
~ to say that it was a good day... the day I stumbled upon sirenity... she never fails to make me smile. :)
~ that all is well in the land of innerly
~ and that debby has a good part-ay with her MIL :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday out to justholly... may all your big brother dreams be of kicking Dick! :D Have a wonderful year Holly.
And to the long lost schwack and hapyliz both of whom vanished back in '04. Coincidence? I think not! :D Happy birthday guys... where ever you are. :)

The mayor of Ottawa (where I live) asked the city manager to let him adopt a "contract award oversight" posture for the end-of-year spend-a-thon that goes on with City Money... my taxes... and the manager... said no. So now the mayor is getting an order from council to force the guys hand.
Functionairs who get THIS FULL OF THEMSELVES make me frigging sick.
If you're a public servant... you've simply got to let go of your sense of entitlement and recognize that your job exists because the "People" let you have it... and the "people" elect a council and a leader (mayor) to oversee your jobs. If they do a shitty job of it... TOUGH SHIT. We elected them... for better or for worse and it just makes me wanna scream when I think about this guy saying "no" to the mayor. I don't think the mayor is all that... but he's still the mayor ... for better or for worse.
I was a public servant (federal) for 14 years... I grok that there's a job to do... but trying to curb stupid spending habits and reduce the waste is a fantastic attitude... period.
Personally, I think the city manager dude... needs to be replaced.
I don't much care for his attitude with MY MONEY.

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