Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, August 31

yeah... well today ... yesterday too... was anything but EASY.

But I'm here now... end of work day and ready to fall into a nice long weekend without work stress.
I'm still kinda in the hot-zone of today but it will wear off. :)

I'm making progress in the tv room downstairs... I promise to do some picture style post on the subject. :)

~ reaches for the EASY button...

~ gray ftls
~ khaki shorts
~ white izod teeshirt. :)
~ frigg'en go mental and freak out then have a panic attack and get it under control... go mental some more... deal with Ed... then really let it loose and go hog wild flipping crazy.
~ did I mention I was a bit mental today?
~ Ok... SCREW IT. I have to stop.
~ I did nothing today... except nose down and "create" ... I've easily got another day of work to do on this report and ... I SIMPLY REFUSE TO WORK ON IT ANY MORE (until after the long weekend. :D)
~ hoping to write about BB later. :)
~ to direct you to ossie's post [ :: here :: ] ... just because it's a great post!
~ I could let go of the work freak zone and start relaxing... I'm working on it. :)
~ that I could send an actual hug to amythyst... and then high-five about the ending today. :)
~ I could ring clumsy_me's door bell and run away...
~and for indianasweetie to ... keep that excellent perspective...

Birthday moments
A very happy birthday out to lesslyn... my little "liquid girl"... Gosh I've known you a long time sugar!!! "Liquid Girl" was flipping YEARS AGO!! :D I hope you have a great celebration today and that this is a banner year for you. :)

I am really looking forward to the movie "Across the Universe". :)


I neeeeeeeeeeed to go make dinner. :)

See ya.

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