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Big Brother 8 Update!!

Big Brother 8 : The Rib Cage Edition!

Horton Hears a Hoo!

Where in...  we get to see the best 10 seconds of the Power of 10 Amber/Dani show, Amber continues to be a freakazoid, and Jameka out gods her huge, complete with Gregorian Chants! Zack keeps hope’en, and Eric keeps try’en. Then they play veto and it’s all about the rats.

Loser say what?
(aka "The show in 375 words")
Amber and Dani do "game show" land. Dani loses, Amber cries, then looses and ... what else is new? She’s still talk’en to her charm like it’s Horton Hears a Hoo time and god lives in Hooville. Eric can’t stop being a sycophantic tard and Jessica see’s wedding bells (geezus Crisco batman, I mean... seriously? Wtf? She barely let him kiss her later. Of course, he’s basically "James at 15" here and she’s pretty much a hooters waitress). Jameka has a total god overload and Jessica gets to come home (HoH room) to a bed with a  big sweat and tear and face oil stain on the side of her bed where Jameka was all but flagellating and blubbering in tears of religiatude. Big Brother adds Gregorian Chants and her religiosity is transformed from piteous to a big ass Joke. Big Brother is soooo classy this year. They watch the Power of 10 thing and Dani gets wind of Nick being there as her "audience go-to person" (and she didn’t see him ‘cuz she sucks). She worries about her make-up big with fat juicy tears. Amber cries ugly and Dani cries pure drag queen. After several mouth wash cups, stinky mouth Eric gets the lights out, undressed and in bed with Jessica and plants the first tentative but definitive smoosh on her lips. When the break for air... she actually says "it’s about time." !!!! Next thing you know she’s in the diary room saying "I definitely see wedding bells" but she could have just said "Fidel Castro is actually my grandmothers love child." So, go figure. Veto is played in the fireswamp from Princes Bride (Never fight a land war in Asia) with a musical chairs game involving answers tagged to plastic rats in the yard. Eric gets the last chair... and if they were really gonna back-door D or D, he’d have let Amber win (she was second). Alas (earwax). In a fit of bordom, America tells stinky mouth to kiss Jessica so he does (the one she hardly lets him have) and ... yawn. He doesn’t use the veto, so D & D remain safe and sound, ready willing and able to screw the next person over. It’s the name of the game.

Fav Quote
Drew Cary, trying to get through to Amber who is choking back tears on a game show... "So, Amber, let me ask you something... is being on the show getting to ya?"

Eric, when he gets into Jessica’s room after the noms... "That was really well spoken... and well said." At what point do we get to slap this guy?

Most Memorable Moment
Had to be the Gregorian chants with Jameka on a prayer "bender"... then Jessica walks in, and after determining that nothing was actually wrong, Jameka was only fore-head-to-bed-edge and BAWLING in prayer, she gives her a hug... the looks at the ugly stained bed-edge. She (Jess) does this hilarious eye-roll thing!! :D

Kudos to Dick if Dani wins, but she frigg’en better not win. I am so sick of her and her dick for a dad that it is painful to see them on the show still. I cannot believe they didn’t backdoor one of them this week. GAH!

The winner...

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