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Got A Light?

(a Matchbox Twenty concert review, ok, so maybe less a review and more a "how'd my night go" kinda thing.)

Under Privileged Little Brother Band aka. Lifehouse, warmed up a significant Corel Center crowd ... and brother? They started on time! The underpriv dig is about how their equipment looked compared to the stuff for MB20… Lifehouse was great!

Home from work to a typically stressed out "pre-game warm up show". The goobs are at a daycare on Fridays and the good weather meant the boiz needed baths the second they came through the door. Baths, cleaning, feeding (pizza) and welcoming the sitter - my 13 year old niece Amy. Excellent babysitter. Our previous "excellent babysitter" is Amy's sister, Sarah - now 16. Who, interestingly enough was going to a Lifehouse, Matchbox 20 concert tonight with some gurl frendz....

We were out the door at 7:15... parked (groovy vip lot #1 parking, yea us!), and seated in the company Box just in time for the lights to cut and Lifehouse to start at 7:30. I live close to the Corel center... Oh, and I managed to encounter spliferific-ness between the car park and the ticket gate. :D

The band stage was basically in a goal zone of the stadium with floor seats ranging across the whole rink area (interrupted by the requisite risers supporting everybody's light and mixing stations). Our seats were in a box at the 200 level and to the right side of the stage... back just far enough to get the front-of-stage elements of the show but in need of binoc's to count the stripes on the guitar player's Adidas.

So Lifehouse. Something that really makes a live show special is seeing that the music does not sound the same... you know the criticism "They couldn't get their sound live." Well that's totally the wrong way to say it... a band can suck live or not suck live. If you're lucky, it will sound way dif from the cd's and that's what can make the live show so special. I only know two Lifehouse songs... I'll get the cd and listen to more now. Bottom line: I missed out on really appreciating them live because I wasn't that familiar with their material in the first place. These guys reminded me of the band in "Almost Famous" … all look'en wicked ragged and pounding away at their music… They had a good set…

Time for a picture! Note that all my pictures suck and you gotta forgive... I couldn't go down to the floor for a close up and my camera is a dig... not a high speed film job. This picture fits with the story ...

I dunno how to explain why I like GA tickets when i was a teenager... the press of a crowd, the dancing, weeding your way to the front... getting your fill and fading backwards a bit... Today, GA is all but dead in the large venues. Check these peeps out .... all nice and lined up, standing in front of their floor seat chairs.

Any ways, Dude, the lead singer for Lifehouse was chatting up the crowd try'en to get 'em on their feet and dancing a bit... totally against the wishes of the crowd control people... you had to be there but it was sure funny. The band was really into their performance... put on a good show although I thought their equipment did not do their sound justice in the monstrous stadium. Here's a crummy out of focus picture... :D

They ended their set, the lights came up and we boogied for a drink. Note: we had a waitress in the box. Dig this: A rum and coke and a scotch on the rocks would have cost ... before tip... $24.99 hahahahahaa.... I didn't' order anything from Box Services.

We went and got munchies and coffee actually and while Z socialized with the other peeps in the box, I went outside to the smoking area (brrrrr) and smoked a lil'joint ... nobody paid any attention ... kinda cool.

Ok, so back for Matchbox... Rob Thomas is an engaging performer... spent a bunch of time trying to set a mood "We're gonna be like Tina Turner, take it nice ... and easy." This was the opening show of their Canadian gigs... last time they were here they played at a bar called "Barymores" - an ancient theater converted into a band showcase. I've seen Joydrop and Artificial Joy Club there in the past couple of years...

They (mb20) had a hulluva light system and did a lot of cool stuff with it.. from where I was sitting it looked like the light gizmos lowered right on top of these guys.

Thomas (and others in the band) we're smoking constantly during the show. Dude brought out a grand piano for "You Won't be mine" and it was really quite an intimate performance of that song. They rocked with a few classics, 3am, bent, and pulled from places like Cindy Lauper (Time after Time) and "Lonely Weekend" (from Charlie Rich). A good long set.

I gotta say that Kyle Cook (the guitarist) needs someone to buy him some clothes that weren't made in 1975.

Adam Gaynor, rhythm guitar, I can dig. Tennis shoes, cargos, nice shirt… The guy on the keyboards… was a total ball of intensity! Way enjoying himself…. And Rob Thomas… looked exactly like he absolutely always does… black leather look'en pants and dark long sleeve shirt… and a cigarette.

Rob Thomas says fuck a very great many times over the course of any sequence of sentences… A fact he discussed with the audience at one point.

"I say fuck a lot don't I? Yea well… listen there's a lot of young impressionable minds here tonight so… listen don't go saying fuck all the time… it's fucking horrible … are you fucking listening… ??? No really, the thing is you gotta say that to someone that's coming down on you … so, just don't say fuck to your mom…"

It was pretty funny watching this dad dude a few rows up with his maybe 12-year-old son squirming in his chair…

Any ways, things wrapped up nice and it was cool to chill in the box and watch the lights come up and the roadies kick in… I'm thinking Jackson Brown… "Make sure you got it all set to go… before you come for my piano…"


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