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BB Update

BB Update:
I knew this girl, a friend of my then girlfriend - now wife. So anyways, this girl. I think her name was Kelly? She was a total brain... aced university, immensely employable, pretty... and when she was on a date or around guys that formed a date gene pool, she acted like a simpleton! She had reached some mental conclusion that guys did not want a date to be smart (smarter than him!?) so she unconsciously dumbed herself down like a cad program running on a hand-held device.

For some time I had sheepishly, shamefully, wondered if possibly Elmer Fudd (George) had a 'kelly complex' of some sort and was either by design or subconsciously dumbing down for the BB experience. I mean sure, it would be helpful to keep people off their guard... etc. and blah blah blah...
Well that line of reasoning got pointless when someone shot some jawbreaker like candy over the BB fence into the yard. Everybody is just staring at it and Elmer walks up reaches down and crams it in his mouth. OMG

So the other HGs go over the concept of poison and drugs with George, to which he replies "Who'd wanna do dat to da chicken man?" This is stupid on so many levels that I'm loosing all touch with the idea that a deeper intelligence was at work behind the 'rick-moranis-as-darth-vader-in-space-balls' exterior. ('member the big penis 'darth vader helmet'... LOL)
BB is on the horn in seconds - the technicians prol'y all shot coke out their noses when, to their great surprise, George eats the candy. The HGs are told to gather the remaining candies and bring 'em to the Redrum.

BB locked up the HGs for a while on Saturday afternoon and set things up for the new 'week long HF'. This time they have to disprove the old saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks". They now have an obstacle course set up in the yard and have a till Friday to train the middle aged Pugita to run the course - tunnel tube deal, hurdles, pylons... They wagered 20%.

How's the pug training going to go? Lets see. Pug has zero interest in the treats BB provided for incentives... At one point Josh has to force on into the dogs mouth. Ed lays on the grass beside the mini dog hurdle with Pug standing beside it. Ed tosses one of the treats the dog does not like over the hurdle into the grass. Now he yells 'over' at the dog about 88 thousand times. Needless to say, the dog goes to sleep and the treat just sits there.

And then there's the cameras. Every time the little servo's kick in the dog goes nuts. One of the HG's goes outside (Josh?) to do a training session and has to catch and carry the dog outside. Once out there the dog bee lines to the central camera standard and runs around and around barking... barking... barking...

BB gave them a "manual" to follow and I think the HGs have divided up the obstacles so they each have to train the dog at something.

We'll see.

That's all for now... c ya.
Oh yea.. Elmer stepped in dog poo again. And somebody started screaming to the HGs from over the fence. Call'ed out something like "Hey George, Happy Anniversary, Bad Editing". I'm think'en another seed planted on purpose as part of the ongoing HF of a handful of 'average americans'.

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