Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Big Brother 8 Update!!

Big Brother 8 : The Rib Cage Edition!

Who’s Got The Clap Now...

Where in...  well, it almost defies explanation... but Little Miss God Fearing Low-Cut plum up and decided to get her bad self a little Dick. She slinked in to the room, set herself down and opened up wide... ready, willing and apparently "able" to take all the Dick she could get. And there was no shortage of Dick... big angry, veins throbbing and red Dick, tending to spout all kinds of nasty stuff. But Ok, Jam-Me-Ka had her buddy – God – wit her, so she just wore that nasty stuff like so many lovely ... pearls.

*To read the rest of this BB Update, click below to jump directly to the post in the cor_realitytv community.*

(oh oh oh ... I know... put me up!)

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