Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, August 13

Yeah... so I'm feeling a bit odd today. All buzzy and dizzy.
Only kicked in after I got back from delivering the boys to
camp. I picked up a guy from a neighbors house - geo's
age and going to the same camp... crosses fingers for the
birth of a friendship - and did the zoom zoom thing. Now
life is all about trying to make sense out of a mountain of
information. Work has never been so unappealing... but
this I ascribe to my enjoyment of vacation. :)

Leg is doing well... on-the-mend. :)
My leg wants to go to a skatepark... but it will be patient for another day or so...

~ a halo of panic ... but that's ok, I'm just back from vacation so work is... freaky.
~ shorts and a strong-bad Tee (hi Kim)
~ drive the kids to camp (tennis and sailing... fun!)
~ spend the day bopping back and forth between the back porch and the "front room"... working on the clients project.
~ that nbbmom can get the tobacco stains... off her arm.
~ to remind pasticcio ... that you only pick your nose... (not family) but somehow... family is supposed to stay thicker than boogers. ... or something like that. :)
~ for no more sore throat, in the life and times of debby
~ and to congratulate inspectorjury on reaping some hard-come-by rewards from the wonderful power of positive vibes, love and prayer. :)

Birthday moments
Happy birthday out to little miss Heidi... (darkbay)... may there be plenty of football finals, personal happiness and small reasons to smile... to fill up this coming year. :)

K, so if US manufacturers were as invested in the reputation of their company as Zhang Shuhong was... there'd be a lot of senior management positions open for applications across the business landsacpe. Dude off'ed his-self after his company had to recall a gajillion toys made with led paint and sold through matel. I can see Dora sitting on his desk saying "Swiper! No swiping" as he slits his wrists... I wonder if he could see her too? 
Just goes to show ya... even the president of the company can be a complete whack job nut bar.

And all the happy people said "goodnight kittens, goodnight mittens... goodnight Karl"
... then let the door slam on his ankle as he left. In fact, someone grabbed the door
and did that raging bull thing, slamming it over and over...
but he started moaning "Valerie"... "Valerie"... so they stopped, and let him slink away.

Not spoiler'ish... but on the subject of Harry Potter and the 7th book.
We're still reading - d'uh... we only read a dozen pages each night before bed...
But I have to say... maybe it's just the section of the book... but it's depressing.
I'm expecting it to pick up any time now... mmmk?


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