Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, August 12

Bitter sweet day... Last day of holiday time before the significant madness-zone of work kicks back in.
I have to say... I'd much rather continue with the vacation. :)

The boys start their last "camp" sessions for the summer tomorrow. "Sailing and Tennis" camp. A week of driving to and picking up from a boating club that's not too far from home. A young guy from up the street - Geo's age - is also in the program... My hopes are that they form a bit of a friendship. :D :D

New neighbors moved in a few houses away... I did the Home-owners-association pop-in after dinner and it was so nice. They from england and they have no family in town and no "exp" with the area... so they are like big sponges for information and advice. I could have blabbed on all night. :) hahaha...

Leg seems to be doing fine. It's sore... must'n't bang it into anything... but the swelling is down and it's now just a "Keep you leg up so it can drain" kinda gross out. I can run my finger down the edge of the tibia and the fibula and not shriek in pain... so I'm pretty sure it's not broken.

~ night shirt, pj pants and a layer of sleep still over most of my body. (I clearly need to hit the shower)
~ must get groceries... and lunch-stuff
~ work on video thing...
~ drill some joist-holes to pass 14-2 wire through in the basement so I can start drywalling with the electrics totally done!!
~ watch BB and laugh ... :)
~ for another week of holidays... :(
~ my leg would stop being a pain-in-the-leg...
~ to know who the cool girl in the CR-V is... oh wait... it's honuhoney... :D
~ that laurel714 learns to keep a spare key somewhere... and to beat the heat!!! :)
~ and a happy lj anni out to canuckgirl :)

Birthday moments..
Happy birthday to joei!! I hope you relented and let him cook up a storm!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and that the year ahead keeps you safe and warm. :)
And to jamesbaxter... Happy birthday and may this year find solutions, opportunity and health to you and the one you will always care for... :)

Vacation Post and all the pics... posted yesterday (in case you missed it. :D) and now, ... working on the miniature you-tube version. :)

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