Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, August 10

Well... despite how lazy, yawning and tired I may appear here... Today will be pretty much anything but lazy.
It's a hot day but cloudy and eh...
Suz and the boys are off to Montreal for the day on a friend-visit for zebra - there's a pool...hence the boys are included. :D
That leaves me ... here... slave'en in the basement. :) It's all about bulk heads.

I did a lot of icing, and elevating and some worrying...
But by morning, my shin has settled down a great deal.
[ :: picture from a minute ago :: ]

So I'm going to hold off on the x-ray zone till things either get visibly bad again or it hurts.

~ jeans... hot, but the basement work kinda wants a layer between the world and skin...
~ an old tee... cape cod, in fact...
~ work work work, but on the basement... not client land. My last full day of "off work" vacation. Monday, we begin again in earnest with the DC clients... then it's dallas, atlanta, halifax and ... sigh... geezus.
~ oh, and I'll be penning a few words on bb later too. :)
~ for a quick healing maggie in the life and times of teaser,
~ more quick healing for ladymeg1...
~ to enjoy sharing a certain mental space with cynnerth :D

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to Mz B... the sugar-b... the other-side-of-the-country-girl... bratt72. I hope you are well rewarded for the effort this last year has asked from you and that you have a wonderful birthday with a fun-loving year stretching out ahead. :D
Happy birthday to my distant friend kaar. May you and your family feel the love of good friends this year and bask in a little good fortune too. :)

Must get busy... See ya soon.
Oh, and the vacay post is a'comming. I'm not lazy... promise. The leg thing kinda slowed me down a bit last night. :)

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