Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, July 18

Just say'en... if you're plane is going into a land-mass as described by that drawing... it really doesn't matter how you sit in your chair!!

Oh, and I watched (stepping through with the FF button ... because the flight was only 90 minutes or so) the Astronaut Farmer... I totally enjoyed the concept of that film!!! :D

We'll see... Meanwhile, I'm off to Kinko's to get some printing done.

~ oh, all businessed up.
~ tie and all...
~ off to client site... on Pennsylvania Ave (and I'm dying to tell you who it is, but ... I'm not s'posed to do that)
~ a day giving presentations and interviewing people in suits...
~ write a BB update... and gah!!! Last nights epi was hilarious!!!
~ and tonight? walking the "Mall" and taking pictures!!!
~ I had some time to goof around and read fps.

Glasgow, Scotland... one of the few cities on earth where a passer-by will injure himself kicking the crap out of a guy that is already ON FIRE.

Here we are... it's 2007 and for some unknown reason, we still haven't gone all future-like and issued standardized, spandex uni-tards to everyone.
Clearly the folks in the science fiction industry had it wrong.
(inspired by Jen-from-BB's excitement over getting to wear a big read unitard... :D)

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