Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, July 17

"Sec... I'll be right back..."

Oh sure... they called for T-storms, clouds and crap... and today? It's tres beautiful. Wicked beautiful out there.
Temps are perfect and I'm leaving (on a jet plane...).
Be back in a few days...
... and I'm gonna take lots of pictures. :)

~ nice jeans... which I hate now... need new jeans.
~ summer button up shirt...
~ zeee blazzzzer goes over this (not packing the blazer)
~ and running shoes... because I am packing the rockports.
~ kiss everyone goodbye...
~ drive to airport...
~ get abused by airport security in two cities...
~ check into a hotel in downtown DC ... like 2 TWO!!!! blocks from the White House. (kinda cool... :D)
~ watch BB in a hotel room tonight... (I hope). :)
~ I don't get killed on the mean streets of DC. :)
~ my cat would stop poopen in the garden... apparently this is not a good thing.
~ I had some time to cruise more FPs ...

Saw a commercial for this 'tendo DS game... thing... not game... more thing...
Basically the spot goes like this... with paraphrasing supplied by... me!
"Are you old... and forgetful? Look... with this Nintendo DS...
Now you can be old, forgetful and walk around with a DS all the time."

"Dad!!! Dad Dad Dad Dad.... "
"Can you make a ZAP come out of my harry potter wand with the computer ... you know ... in a little movie?"
"Dunno... let's try."
~ and then hours of my life vanish as I try to figure out how to recreate a light & magic studio in my office.
Is there a particular way to do this? Or am I drawing frames and animating them?

Ok... I gotta split for the airport...
Have a great day muchachos... y muchachas... :D
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