Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, July 15

Oh yesterday was a busy day. We went to OOTP on friday night... Geo went friday afternoon with his friend and then slept over at another friends ... Meanwhile, Ed, Suz and I went to dinner and the movies. I totally enjoyed the movie. The book was - d'uh - so much more complete... but I still loved what they gave us. I dated Loonie Lovegood in HS... and I loved her character in this story and the movie.

Saturday was all shopping, groceries, skateparks, lawn cutt'en, and cook'en. Busy day.

Today is sunshine, clouds, cool breezes and good family vibes all day long. :)

~ oh the usual... black ftls, khaki shorts, dark tee. :)
~ busy day... up and at 'em, at ... er... 10:00 (lol) and
~ off to Saunders Farms to do some maze play. (See below)
~ home again and then to my folks for a suz-birthday-dinner with family. (was very nice)
~ now? here, and when the kids go to bed... BB8 and quiet time. :)
~ that katie8471 skates away from her head-boom... and feels loads better.
~ to thank blonnie for sharing her wee sheridon...
~ and that the little dish... miss mspish... shakes the cold and finds a door into summer.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Dana... (modernarchetype). May you're current adventure ... end with you home safe and sound, and I hope you had a grand celebration of your day.
And to kaylee... I hope all is well and that you've had a wonderful birthday. May this new year bring solutions and much happiness.

Picture time... :)

~ fun. :)

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