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Friday, July 12, the day I introduce my community.

Ok... Geo and I had a "plan" to "up with the sun" and go to the park... he's keen to try a few things that he's certain he's going to wipe out trying and he wants to not do them in front of the big gang  of older kids.  Sadly... the only thing up with the sun early this morning, was a lot of rain.  It's sunny now... and it'll dry ... but we wont be alone in the park today.

We spent a solid 2 hours in the park last night (and my body is rather filled up with strains and pains). It was awesome.  Just go-go-go-go-go and feel a constant rush of excitement. It's hard to 'splain, but if you've ever been  a skater, or even watched kids in a proper park... you might know what I mean.

Today is "Date Day" for Geo. He's meeting her at 12:30, movie (OOTP) at 1:00, snacks after... and then I think I'll be picking him up. :)
He's sleeping over at a friends tonight... so Ed, Suz and I are doing the OOTP thing this evening. Big Fun. Big Big.
We've re-read the entire series and just finished re-watching the movies... and we're right proper ready for the movies... and for the new book to come out!!!!! :D :D

~ blue ftls
~ pj pants
~ Chicago Tee... (airport purchase, forever ago). Mr. Casual today.
~ reading a mountain of stuff... things from my new client in Washington, new text books about the stuff I do for a living... (retraining or "skills upgrading" is always such a basket of fun)
~ more reading...
~ hopefully, some late afternoon skate park time...
~ write about BB8 from last night...
~ dinner and a movie tonight with Edward and Suz (and maybe my mommy)... :D
~ that sugar-sweet sillz has her little baby today and that all is well... 10 toes, 10 fingers and a wee voice to make kooo'ing noises. :D
~ to congratulate sb186 on the finalizing of their house-sale!!! :D :D
~ huge congrats to willedit... Misha (my personal editor) set herself a one year weight goal... and here she is... absolutely being a super-stahhhhh!!!
~ and to draw dotcombabe's attention to a public post in beachdog's journal [ :: This One :: ]. In fact, I think you'd get a lot out of watching his journal. :D

Birthday moment...
From way back on July 10, it was bloojanuary's birthday... one of my Alaskan Sugar Snacks (sounds like a new treat from Nabisco). Dear Lori... I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that this next year brings you the rewards you deserve... you have such a kind heart and your friendship has always been an unassuming star in the land of my lj experience. Happy birthday sugar. :D

OK... Now Hear This
I've often wondered about making a community and what it would be like if nobody ever joined. 
Thanks to a few outstanding friends... I have my first community.
(I have so many amazatron friends, it boggles my little pea brain)
Specifically, thanks to ayoub, uawildcatgrl and bloojanuary...
They did all the work... (no, really... they're awesome)

I would like to introduce cor_realitytv.
This is a community for folks to post "reality tv show" updates to ...
there's a lot of info on the community profile page.
*join*join*join*join*join*... all the cool people are doing it ar ar ar ...

I will be posting all my Big Brother, Survivor or Amazing Race updates to that community and putting links to the post elsewhere. :)
You don't have to join to read... but I really really really hope you will join it - if you're already a fan of the "updates".
And ... maybe do a little wee bit of promoting to your friends.

I'm also hoping other folks will post tv show updates there... or posts that comment on reality tv shows. :)
A lot of us hooked up because we share an interest in these shows... and many of you have had things to say.
Here's a good place to have your say. No censorship... baybe. :)

At issue is the notion that I'm not all together pleased with posting my updates to communities that have mods who over moderate.
I like "other peoples communities" specifically because there is always a range of new folks there that I will never see here in my journal.
This is what I fear will happen with the community...
My dream... my hope... is to get a diverse group of peeps hooked into the community. :) :D
So tell yer friends... post a note in bb8_us or a note in ontd_bb8... etc. etc. etc. and do a tiny little community promotion for me. :D

so... (tries to not look toooo sheepish as he asks...) any one have a line on Technotronic Feat MP3s?
edit: I'm looking for Pump up the Jam, and Move This. (shhhh... I can't help it!!)
Thanks Mike!!! :D

...k... gotta go read. :)
143 and have a great Friday. :D :D

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