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Big Brother 8 Update!!

Big Brother 8 : The Rib Cage Edition!

Skip To My Lou!

Where in... the house-mats face their first prospective veto challenge and possible nomination rejection, and BB continues to let us see just how shallow, dim, or manipulative the folks are that they passed through the psych tests.

Loser say what?
(aka "The show in as few words as possible")
Boys will be boys, and girls will be girls... and multiple-business-owner-hicks ... are still Hicks. Hence, Cabbage Lady is all proud of herself for the noms and is quite certain she’s "got-off scotch free". (clearly mistaking this experience for that time in the Salem Airport) Meanwhile, the whole house is doing air-quotes around the word "fairness". Amber is losing it, and brings god into the game while Tattoo Man, or – wait for it – Spotted Dick, just can’t stop with the stories. There’s buff boys and their sweating tanned torsos, needing only little silver satin bow-ties to complete the picture, and all the girls are making little moo noises ... except Jen. "I don’t like muscles" actually escapes her lips... and then she turns into Glenn Close. Nick is doing the "I might be straight" snuggle with stick-girl Danielle, and Jen bursts into "he tried to kiss me" with the gang at the kitchen counter. Nipple literally scurries away to report to Rippling-Man-Meat, and all but jumps back and forth over him saying "whad-da-ya wanna do today Spike?" as Nick comes back to confront her. Jen, a recent centerfold in Full Of Myself magazine, has a shirt for all occasions, and every one incorporates her name; a-la "the Jenth Degree". Unfortunately she doesn’t have one that says "disinJENuous cunt", so her set is incomplete. Nick lays into her in front of everyone with "I fuck’en hate people who lie" and it goes on from there. She brings her eighty-seven pound smile to the pantry with Nick and tries to make up. He shines her on, she sees through it, and you’d swear she was ready to blow him on the spot. She actually told him she was jealous of him snuggling Danielle and that SHE LIED TO EVERYONE because of it. At some point he said "I’m not skipping to my Lou" but nobody knows what that means. Seriously, though... her only redeeming quality is that she’s comfortable letting her tummy stick out a bit and that’s adorable, but the rest of her is one scary frigg’en mental case stuffed into stripper clothes. (the other girls call her swimwear "Stripper-kinis"). And to complete the picture of Nick, he never misses a chance to show-his-pride. Next up is The World of Veto, with the noms, the Ho, Nick, Stick and Jameka – who has a personal item referred to as her "hair bag" – all play a game of hide a "veto thing" in the house and then tear the place apart looking for them (note that Nick gave a crap about peoples stuff, and Cabbage literally threw peoples stuff around). Stick wins and we get the default overtures about ousting Jen in stead of a nom, complete with the sound bite of Danielle saying "I should use the veto". Eric, in his guise as Agent America, does his first task, laying it on thick with Kail about some bs eating disorder ex in his world... it was hilarious, I love this guy and lets move on. Danielle does not use the veto... the nominations stand, so we lose either Carol the slightly Hispanic, Topanga knock-off or Amber the single mom, Jimmy Durante knock-off. Personally... I could do without Amber.

Fav Quote
Nick, in a sing-song, effeminate voice, draws a giant question mark in the air saying "or a boy... question mark!" as he considers his quest-for-flesh.

Carol - Miss OC - standing inside the doors of the Central Perk saying "Chandler? Chandler Bing?".

Most Memorable Moment
Watching Jen chew on physiological tinfoil as she tries to smile through admitting to Nick that she’s a crazed, vindictive, jealous psychopath.

Agent America
So apparently, America told Eric to give a sob story to Kail. Boy did he rise to the occasion. Visine drops for tears kicks off his visit to HoH with a story of how terrible he feels seeing Danielle, and being reminded of this ex-gf (?) who had a b-b-b-b-b-bad eating disorder (nice dig at Stick Girl). He’s bawling and he has her eating out of his hand... in fact, I’d venture to say licking the lint out of his bellybutton. It was priceless.

Jen is just mind boggling. So self centered she actually has her own gravity-well. How does she think this is going to help her in the game?

The winner…
Ok... if they don’t all get the clap from Nipple-Boy and die... then I’m thinking Eric or Nick for the money shot. Or will miss Rib Cage take the prize?

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