Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, July 9

Holy crap man... it rained like c-c-c-c-crazy this morning. I was up and taking a call... yawning and trying to be awake-me... and this breeze kicked up a fuss and next thing you know... great blankets or rain started falling out of the sky. It was kinda awesome. :)

That (the rain) all cleared up and now it's just gray with bits of blue sneaking through.

If the sun comes out... things will dry up... but for now? It's very very humid out there.

Just as we were falling asleep last night... suz asks... "um... did the garbage go out?"
Sigh... packing up all the recycle and sorting garbage and dragging it all down to the street... at 2 something in the morning on a work night... yawn.
On the brighter side? I actually won a Wii tennis match against suz... (believe me... that's an accomplishment. :D)

~ k, I'm basically living in these shorts... kinda khaki, kinda long... straps to tighten things up with, hanging all over... Loves the shorts.
~ started new client today. Work this week on their stuff... part of next week... then fly to their offices and work like mad... then fly home again... work work work... fly there again... and wrap. That's seven weeks... plus one for a family vacation in early August. :) Today? Reading their shit... and getting mine together. :)
~ If there's enough sun... the skate park will dry out and ... we'll go skating later. :)
~ that nbbmom finds all the "hair" and "metal" she's after. :D
~ for whataboutjen... sweet and adorable whataboutjen... to find her calm place and settle in.
~ and that angryvixen manages to find a little rest while her little angel ... finds her teeth.

NEED to upgrade the kids computers...
But can't decide if I should be buying new computers or laptops for suz and I... and then sending our current (and awesome) computers to the kids... or just laying down some cash for a package deal from dell or whatever... to sort out the kids needs.

Has any one ever used for booking hotels? Any feedback from the real world would be nice. :)

Plumbers are here... gotta go. :)

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