Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ being in a great mood... is a wonderful thing for me... but not so much for everybody that has to live with me. I get all "singeee". Today's selection? "You are my sunshine... my only sunshine... " etc. Performed as opera.

~ set the record straight: "If a tree falls in the forest..." NO. It doesn't make a sound. It makes sound when theres something to vibrate against... like your ear. *and* "Which came first? The chicken or..." omg... d'uh. Of course the egg... the genetic malfunction / evolution that resulted in a chicken... happens at the egg stage.

~ it totally blows pigs in space when the 1-800-i-want-help phone number on the back of your mastercard gets you a fifteen minute toe-tapping "hold please" thing that you totally give up on.

~ it seems I have a rather "lot" of hair again. ... I mean, in contrast to how short I get it cut. Shaggy and gray... not sure if I can pull that off with a big ol'bald spot. :)

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