Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, July 4

Yeah, so it's a gray and rain-threatened day.
not care'en.
I'm in happy feet land and there's not much that's gonna hurt that... not today.
Maybe tomorrow... but not today. :)
Today is a good day.
So say I!

~ black ftls
~ still new beige trousers
~ and a very black tee. :)
~ up early... dress 'em, feed 'em, and drive 'em to "CSI Camp" (groans) It (camp) didn't impress the young'ens yesterday... but we'll see how today goes. They're a bit picky :D
~ skate park... see below
~ home, cleaned up, and now? Off to downtown for all-afternoon-board room meeting... ug.
~ tonight? sit around and be in a great mood. :)
~ no, really... oh, and we'll prol'y walk to a few more houses to deliver the newsletter
~ for one hulluva great "release" to mark the day-in-the-life-and-death-of-nbbmom!! :)
~ that the great long life of love ahead of lique is filled with good choices...
~ and for pageeater to find doors into cool... all through July.

We've been doing this "walk about", going from house to house in the 'hood delivering the homeowners association newsletter.
We only get to like... five or six houses each time we go out. Geo and / or Ed tags along... but with or without... most of the houses... are little adventures.
It's nice to meet these people... and get a broader sense of who is who in this little paradise carved out of the Canadian Shield (we - most of us - have great huge rocky outcroppings from the Canadian Shield in our back yards...)

This morning... was a rather red letter morning in the story of me.
See... last year, in the summer, I learned the very hardest way you can that the most important rule in skateboarding is "it's never ever ever as easy as it looks."
That was when I - properly padded-up and helmet'ed - decided to try "dropping in" on a smallish ramp at the local skatepark. 
This is something I had never done before... and ... that was the big-ass-stupid accident that almost stopped me dead in my skate-shoes.
Helmet saved the day... but that skateboard shot out from under me and I fell back onto the "slope" of the ramp-curve and my head well and truly snapppppped back.
I was in agony for days.
but worst of all... I was totally demoralized and made deathly afraid of this whole "drop in" thing.
Anyhooooo... the thing is, I need to be able to do that if I'm going to learn to "stall" and properly ride the half pipe.
So it's a goal... I watch... learn and work up courage.
All to say that this morning I got to the park... intent on trying again.
A few other kids ... I only felt marginally like a dim-wit-dad-in-a-helmet. :D
On the most "beginner" ramp there is... I started with these practice paces...
There's a wall to hold on to there so I was ... you know... just trying things carefully.
Long story... long... (I'd say short, but - looks at the paragraph above - too late for that)...
... I ended up totally getting it.
I stayed on the shallow ramp, but I did it on successively higher starting-points,
and ultimately... I was just nailing it from the top over and over and over.
I've a million miles to go before I'm doing it on the half pipe, but... this is most definitely a start.
Please get your happy paints out and start colouring me in. :)

A very Happy Independence Day to my American friends.
Before Galileo observed the moons of Jupiter
Before Shakespeare had penned "A Winters Tale"
And just after Guy Fox and his fellow conspirators were sentenced to death...
In the year 1607... 400 years ago...
Jamestown Virginia, the first english settlement on the American mainland, was established.
Galileo? Shakespeare? Guy Fox?
Soon... John Rolfe would marry a nineteen year old Pocahontas...
And sadly she would pass away three years later.
But from their union came many celebrated American descendants.
When we celebrate an anniversary... we are celebrating history.
And there is quite a great deal of that to celebrate.
Have a wonderful 4th of July.

~ k... see ya. :)
(sorry btw, for missing yesterday... mad busy day with work that never let up...)

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