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Thursday, June 28

Yeah... so lots of t'under... awesome light show from the front yard with the lightening... but no flipping rain.
Stupid weather idiots ... "oh, get ready... we'll be having 50 millimeters of rain tonight... " yeah... right.
This matters to me... because I have to really manage to water issues with the grass... cutting it to a very specific height, water and other sundry maintenance elements... because we have a kick-ass-awesome lawn... and I want to keep it that way. (It's kind of a guy-goes-to-heaven thing to have a "perfect lawn". ... just say'en. :D)

Walking around... to hand deliver all the home-owners-association newsletters... is awesome.
Meeting the families on the street... checking out their beautiful houses and SIGH... seeing all the pools... man oh man, I wish we had a pool. :)
We could become bank robbers... I've considered this... but... alas... earwax.

I have coffee beige pants. I know this specific tone of beige is accurately called "coffee"... because I am a spaz. :D:

~ life in shorts ... with a nice shirt.
~ went to moores (clothes) and bought two new shirts... work shirts... Like... I... ever... spend that kind of cash on a nice shirt for "life" versus for "work". Grrr...
~ tip toe through the wake up zone while everybody sleeps in on the first day of summer vaca... Suz almost takes the summer off work instead of us hiring daycare... she still contracts with them for home-based projects...
~ So while they sleep... I get downtown for a bid-team meeting at 9:00, a "sales planning" meeting at 10:00 (we see a new client tomorrow) and home by 12:00 with groceries.
~ now? all about work till the five o'clock bell rings. I've a mountain to wade through today. (ug!!)
~ tonight? dinner at my SIL's house for another combined nieces birthday thing...
~ and some kind of decompression ... maybe a 24 episode? when the night falls.
~ to send a smile to the daddy... er... to murphy59
~ that the stars line up and I get me some nbbmom ... some krisza... some kaifawn maybe even a good ol'Washington, DC" meet up". sigh.
~ and to say how jealous I am of teaser ... safari girl.

Birthday moments
A very happy birthday to a truly whataboutjen... er...wait that doesn't sound right... A very happy birthday to Mz whataboutjen... ahhh better. :) Have a wonderful day sugar-pair and may this year bring you ongoing happiness with the love of your life. :)

Again with the stupid busy... really eats into my available time to be a lazy bastach. :)

I constantly have movie edits in my head... I fill a note pad in the car with ideas as they pop into my head while I'm driving. Like... "oh, this song and some footage of XXXXXXX (whatever) would go great together... oh and a narrator...  etc. etc.... " and it never lets up. I don't mind... but it's frustrating because I never have time to work on the ideas... well, not "never" but definitely not "enough".

Hey... don't write yourself off yet...
It's only in your head that you feel left out or looked down on.
Just try your best... do everything you can.


~ k... life is calling.

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