Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, June 21... The looooooooooongest day of the year. :D

Rainy day... off and on... busy in the basement. :D
and definitely not agonizing over anything.
(insert sound of a miriachi band whooping it up).
It's permanent... indelible... you'll never be able to rub me off... :)

~ old p-z shorts that... zipped off and never looked back to pants-land.
~ equally old b.u.m. blue tee. Loved this tee... soft... big but not too... and now it's finally falling apart.
~ crummy clothes? why because I'm painting. :) paint paint paint paint... :)
~ rain... so no skate park.
~ drive the boys in... bring to Edwards class... three dozen white cup cakes with choc icing and over-the-top sprinkles and stuff... like those little silver "ball bearing" cake decoration things... kids go mental for this stuff. (no reason... just for fun... Teach is happy.)
~ paint paint paint...
~ cook ribs for dinner.
~ get kids...
~ totally enjoy the evening.!! (have to work tomorrow... been off for a few days... )
~ canuckgirl finds her way to the proper check-out window ;)
~ happy casting to ladymeg1
~ that all is well in the land of fallingforward and pertinentwires...
~ for honuhoney to get all Nike!! (do it).
~ to send a squeeze to uawildcatgrl... thank you for the v-gift miss wild.
~ and that peace tracks calmly along the rails with whatilove

Birthday moments...
To my llllllllong time friend... Happy birthday sugar-bear. :D (bair) May the year keep you and your Mr. T safe and happy.
And to Laurie... Happy birthday hisbeauty! I still cheer when you post your achievements. :) (and I always will) I hope you have a wonderful day.
To little miss shows-up-when-it-counts... Happy birthday baybabayba. I hope this occasion finds you happy, healthy and surrounded by family and good friends.
And to SB (sugar-bunches) Happy birthday jobunches. May this next year bring you ever closer to all you could hope for. :)

// Gush City Sea Port... where all the big gushing starts!
Yeah so I check my mail and I'm reading a note from livejournal...
s'pecting perhaps another note about someones journal changing names...
and it's (dorky corto moment) like a little tingle starts in the middle of my back and rushes up into my neck...
like the zip from biting on tin foil without the crummy aftertaste.
It tells me a friend had purchased a perm account as a gift.
So I ask her about it... and she points me to a comment that lj didn't send along... or I missed... or something.
(it's a protected post...).

Now, of course, I can't reach anything because I'm walking around with these giant clouds under my feet.

When I read that comment... I became a somewhat more blurry and snotty version of me.
Talk about yer overwhelming sense of it all comes back to you a hundred fold.

So let me please say a very big... a very sincere and heart felt thank you.
aireal, ayoub, honuhoney, canuckgirl, chirowolf, danicia, dawna, debby, dinkydo, giabean, heatherbell, monkey, ossie, pasticcio, reens, rini, tonya, uawildcatgrl, and yumikid

You even had yer own sneaky little community. Otroc rawks guys...
I love you to pieces... and I appreciate your generosity ... simply beyond measure.

Just say'en... LJ Semagic spell checker... wants to replace "corto" with "escort".
bwaahahahaha... :D

~ see ya soon.

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