Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, June 20

Crazy busy day... !!!

Started with mad-door-bells at 6:50...
Today was "pave my driveway" day.

I had to trip downtown early on to the office... and hand in my lap top to be re-imaged... because it's sucking huge lately.
and... I went to the big skate park in Ottawa on the way home for an hour and a half of totally heart pumping fun. :D

Then it was all about finishing the cuts for the baseboards in the basement "play room". :)

Now? I'm tired... I wanna go to bed... but, alas... too much to do still.

~ painting clothes...
~ actually ... not painting...
~ lots of cutting though. :D
~ Ed soccer... and we all sat and watched "Blink" - the dr. who episode... omg!!! Scary!
~ now I gotta go down and ice the cupcakes for him to take to school tomorrow... just an end-of-year-treat... one for everyone in class. :)
~ I had some more time to use today... I need a 27 hour day. That would be nice. :)

Birthday moments...
Two very special birthdays today...
inspectorjury & ladyfire!!
Ladies first.
Happy birthday dear-lisa...(ladyfire) May the wonderful plans you've set in motion this last year bring you great happiness and ... a great sense of accomplishment. Have a wonderful birthday little miss fire. Oh how things have changed in the life and times of you in the many years we've been friends. It is a grand thing indeed... to see so much happiness in your world. :D
And Dave... Captain Dave... inspectorjury, May you find your way to health unexpected... to pleasures unanticipated and to happiness ... unending.

~ k that's it... :D
See ya.

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