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The stuff I get away with....
... I've done a little work today... the operative word being "little" ... ah well the work I did do is gonna make the boss richer so wtf... I'm chill'en. Sent out a whole bunch of talkies... did I not send you one? did you want one? haha.. let me know... I'll definatly include you.

I'mma gonna git... just a soon as the bozo's at Ford Motor Company get back to me... (or the next 10 minutes go by...) We have a leased Windstar Van (2000) and in the last year and a half... I have had no less than 6 road-side assist calls!!!! the van essentially sux ass... and I want out... but I need four doors and storage space... so we'll see.
/rant over... back to that unnatural good mood wohooooo ------> note to self: figure out how to bottle this and sell it... oh, wait they already do .. in a pill form! Yup yup... I am a walking natural fountain of organic exstacy... drives my co-workers fricking crazy to see me this way...

Do you know how much shyte you can get away with in life by just being in a good mood.

Gotta say, it does not suck to be me... well at least today! :D

today is officially wrapped... Ford called... I'm packing and tripp'en outta here... gonna read the paper and pencil journal a buddy wrote on his trip to Amsterdam (he went two weeks ago... hahaha... I loved my trip to Amsterday - when I was 18 oh dear lord how did I live through that?? hahaha...


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