Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, June 18

Well last night was grand... A house full of family... lots of kids, including little Ree... he's the official "youngest" member of our extended family (My sis's step son) and he's a little sweetheart. He hugs and likes to be picked up and toted around. :)

I got my shine on with the frequent... "lets go see how you're doing in the basement" from our guests... (beams).
Sooooo much to do... but it sure is looking like a nice room at this point. :)

My "work lap top" is driving me around the bend. Nice machine... but it needs... desperately needs... to be reinstalled from scratch.
Frigg'en thing blue screens, and the software apps are always screwing up...
Like right now... no matter what I do, I can't get acrobat to press a document properly. GRR!
So that call is in to the tech-office for a "reinstall me" visit. Means I'll have to drive downtown... but whatever...

Today has no idea what it want's to be ... from a weather perspective.
I blame the weather people that work on radio and television... because they control the weather.

~ old soft cotton (not riddled with holes "old"... just softened-up) ftls...
~ z'shorts...
~ a standard issue non-descript, non-logo'ed, dk blue tee. :)
~ living through silly season...
~ boys to school...
~ talk to workers here to dig trenches for new "in the ground" pipes to channel away the water run-off from the roof...
~ get sorted on an "interlock stone" job by the back door, near the BBQ...
~ skate park for a half hour work out... tut tut... it looks like rain... want to get my park time in before the week is washed away.
~ working on some presentation material while I cross my fingers about any... ANY of my outstanding proposals for the next contract... !!!
~ getting a 'script refilled and some milk... so a "pit stop" en route to picking the boys up after school.
~ big time soccer night... Ed to practice and Geo to game... busy busy busy...
~ to send out "go you" and "go-him" vibes to the family zone of little miss demolition (demontiondonna)...
~ for a little pepsi in the life and times of debby... and by that I don't mean a guy named Jean-guy from Gatineau who drives a bright purple firebird. (and omg, do you ever have to be from around here to get that. :D)
~ for dinkydo to get her own vibes properly sorted... to look around... and see what's there... instead of letting your imagination and memories... do all the looking. Every single day... is brand new.
~ and many healing, healthy vibes off into the world so they'll all land on voicesinherhead!

Birthday moment...
A very special birthday wish from me to you, Lydia (innerly). My lovely bowl of mexican sugar... May you and your wonderful family be kept safe and warm in the arms of fortune. I hope you enjoy this day... and that your family gives you plenty to smile 'about.

Caught me a little of that Studio 60 last night... pvr from whenever... personally... it's hard when you know they've tanked the show. I'm expecting the worst of "shock value" outcome-land... like her dying from her birth complications... and Josh getting... it's not Josh is it... but you know who I mean... Josh getting hosed on the baby he so totally thinks is his. But you know Chandler's gonna use his proposal script on god-girl... right? :D Oh and hot blond "I've got killer friends in the Middle East" lawyer chick... no comment... just wanted to mention her... because ... she's hot blond lawyer chick with killer friends. :D


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