Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, June 11.

Alrighty then... another glorious day in our 'hood. :)
blazing sunshine... beautiful hot temps... A/C in the house... and miles of work in the basement calling to me like a sirens song across a foggy sea of ... well, work-work.

Youtube is all fubar for me today... I had another wee vid-update but... it wont "process" to live.
It'll get sorted out... sooner or later.

~ black stripee ftls
~ new shorts... happy with new shorts... they fit :D
~ old tee.
~ get ready for big conference call with potential new clients at 3:00.
~ work on a project thing for my boss...
~ ignore the siren song...
~ work on trim tonight...
~ watch some 24 tonight... :)
~ that heatherbell gets herself a home cauterizing kit... or perhaps... some surgical thread. :)
~ for southernbelle to... get the dog out!
~ that raylenetaskoski remembers that everybody works for somebody and what comes around... goes around!
~ oh, and for shebear to ... a) get some rest b) remember that some people only get an hour or two per day to do necessary housework.

It remains a great mystery to me that the situation with the US President
and his spin on shoving people in untouchable jails has not resulted in his lynching.

American officials go bat-shit squirrelly over Clinton screwing an intern ...
Let alone the public effort to boil Nixon in oil for using gov services to spy on his
political opponents... but they all sit around like its a big la di da nuth'en for there
to be US Owned, Staffed and Operated jails on foreign soil into which people; men,
women, and children are thrown without due process and held without trial or charge,
indefinitely... better yet... he admits to torturing these people.

What happened to the values that Americans spend no small effort to tell the world they
founded their country on? How can one man be allowed to throw them all out?

His hands are soaked with blood from the Iraq insanity... and now the various
administrations that are supposed to provide reasonable checks and balances
on the office of the president are basically sitting back while he pours big-gulps
of blood over his chest and nipples like a freak show prostitute stuck to a plastic
seat on a Rob Zombie show bus.

Somebody throw this bum out for goodness sake.

~ k... gotta git. :)

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