Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, June 10

You can't believe how sore my body gets from days on end of physical labour... gah!!!

Every kind of beautiful you can imagine a day being... today is.

Tomorrow is Carpet day.
Today is ... finish trim day. :)

Ceiling and electricity day... needs to show up. !!

~ shorts...
~ a b.u.m. tee that's like... at least 10 years old...
~ groceries...
~ finish the last "shelf trim" in the basement...
~ paint paint paint... (trim).
~ watch 24 tonight... (the marathon begins!!) :D
~ that doowat would stop underestimating herself... You rock sugar-tara... big time.
~ for fragbert ... to get his karma message out to Captain Smugness.
~ to send a little corto love over to teasdale... hoping for good days... and for a happy Zoe... Little miss zoom.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Ruthy-ruth-ruth... :) (raherrier). I hope you're enjoying your day... and that the year ahead keeps you safe and comfy. :)

Clickable pics...

And a little more Youtube Action. Patience till YouTube opens the file for viewing.
(ignore my getting the date wrong. :D)

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