Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, June 8

I squish your head!!!! oh wait... that's my head...
I squish my head!!!!

Brilliant Day!!!

Beautiful outside...
... although the weather idiots are calling for t-storms.

~ old crappy its-fun-to-work-at-home clothes...
~ although I did shave. :)
~ up early... (ha! we sorta slept in)...
~ kids to school...
~ dad to skate park...
~ dad to home depot...
~ dad home by 9:30.
~ work work work...
~ very busy day so far... sorting out info for presentation after presentation...
~ dying to get busy with basement!!!
~ parents for dinner... celebrate my Sis's birthday. :)
~ I had some spare time... BWAHAHAHA.
~ and that folks remember... be careful what you wish for.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday blonnie... sneaky... :) May you and your family be ever happy, healthy and comforted by the joys of life. :) Enjoy your day.
And to redfenix as well... a very happy birthday. I hope you get to celebrate your day and enjoy the memories of it for ages!!

~ I gotta go! :D

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