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Slam! Yo! Slam slam slam

Got to blow all the steam that seems to hide just under the covers of my great moods right off the bat today - this is a great thing... very cathartic... I'm walking in the lobby of our building... muffin, coffee, etc. Dude in-front of me takes a few hurried steps to make the empty elevator and immediately starts pushing the close button... He totally knows I'm right behind him... I held the door for him to get into the building... yup, me with my arms full. I'm walking towards the elevator and watching the doors close.... Too late... was not gonna make it... so I totally vented by landing serious toe kicks on the door... the first one was bitchen hard slamm'en just as the doors were closing... Must have scared the shit outta that guy. Vent over... felt great. :D

~ blue jean baby...
~ first actual spray from the new D&G
~ ma elevator kick'en shoes... :D
~ finish a project plan a new DND contract...
~ write a S2 update... (fun)
~ totally dig friday!
~ I could say how I actually feel about some sugar in my life... take care today bella!
~ for good health to sneak up on Lisa (a lady on fire) and bite that ass.... or I will (:D)
~ I knew that house hunting was gonna go well for Blossom, the cutest girl to woo a Malasian Judge ever!
~ I could get away with dancing on my desk at work like it was a go-go platform and twirl my shirt around in the air over my head.... Ok, yup, I am totally wacked... but this week has so completely rocked that I deserve to be feeling this way... and the week is not over yet.

The secretary, (slash project assistant LOL) just came over to tell me that she thought it was kinda unfair that I always show up in the morning at work talking about how great things are and being all happy 'n stuff. I should'a goosed her...

Later Lj.

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