Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, May 30 Dude!!! It's almost JUNE!

The ripped jeans I'm always yammering about... :)
Geo heard "Smile" (Lilly Alen) on the radio (radio edit) and liked it enough to scratch the song name down ... so he's gonna find it in mp3 land... I need to make sure he gets the radio edits of her songs... (oh man, can that girl swear)... !!!

~ er... ripped jeans. :)
~ old Tee.
~ busy fricking day... :D
~ up extra early... get kids sorted and drive 'em to school.
~ skate park for a work out (it's supposed to storm later and tomorrow... better get the exercise in now)... and I challenged myself to overcome a fear with this one ramp... quick enough drop to scrape the bottom of the board as you go over... and I win. :D (always always feels good to get to a place like that)
~ groceries...
~ home... Tree Management guys are here... hacking at the maple...
~ builder guys loaned me a table saw... it arrived... and we moved it downstairs... (weekend floor project)
~ put ribs on to boil... nice dinner tonight...
~ and bing!... it's only 10:00. Busy morning.
~ now? back to basement... work work work... on trim.
~ have a "homeowners association" meeting tonight. :)
~ and Senators Hockey... go sens go. :D
~ to send all kinds of love and ... more love out to kitykity... just 'cuz.
~ for endless success to ladymeg1 ... for selfish reasons...
~ I could catch up with notcharming
~ and to make few quiet wishes for lyselu... just for peace... and the turning of corners.

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday out to ajose... in distant lands, with hands full of life, work and parenthood. Have a wonderful day my friend, and may this next year keep you and your family in good fortune and grand health. :)

~ busy boy... Remember... Pirate Master is tomorrow night. :D

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