Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, May 28 (go sens go)

K, the day can't make it's mind up... cloudy... blustery...
all the leaves flip upside down...
then the sun comes out... patchy and blue...
then back to bluster city.

Ah well... after this mornings meeting.. and filing some reports with boss land... it's all about "time off" till next week.
I'd call it "vacation" but we all know I'll be slaving in the basement. :D

~ well... it started in the "ain't I speeeecial" clothes for a client...
~ but I'm all about ripped jeans and a smile... :)
~ up early... iron a shirt...
~ get snazzed...
~ feed the boys...
~ let suz sleep and take care of her cold...
~ drive'em to school... and zoom downtown.
~ 9:00 meeting downtown, 10:00 presentation to new clients... (went well. :D)
~ home... cut the lawn... (kind of a zen pleasure - riding on the big mower... :D)
~ chill... it's time to get the boys...
~ make early dinner..
~ soccer!!!
~ home for hockey!!! :D :D (go sens go!)
~ that debby gets to enjoy the companionship of her SHHG!! (Super Hero Home Guard) for many years to come...
~ to reach out and poke doowat... just all gentle like... but poke never-the-less. :) poke poke poke... :D
~ and to congratulate landmark... and everyone else that stepped up to do the big race yesterday!

Why shouldn't IRAN have the "bomb"?
I mean... I get that they suck with the whole "I will keeeel you" thing to Israel...
But ... why do we (or anybody) get to say "you aren't allowed"??
It's not like we're the police or the global bosses.
Free people invest authority in the police, accepting the consequences of that investment, for the pay-back of peace and the opportunity to pursue prosperity.
How ... oh how... does that apply to international politics?
Because without the authority...
We're no better than a terrorist.

Radio had a show on about lingo... language... er, bad language, to be precise.
All about the tabo's and what's hot... and what's not.
Their conclusions?
Well the sex and anatomy terms are on their way down from the zenith of social horror,
being replaced by the ancient slangs re: ethnicity.
The "N" word being the biggest elephant in the fridge.
They were - of course - saying all kinds of the evil words...
And I have to admit it's nice to hear people recognizing the reality of the big "two" and their proper place in the national lexicon.
The "F" word - being the second worst ... is clearly on the rise, making it into (gasp) actual day time media.
The other... the fun one... the "C" word... is sloooooooooooooooooowly finding it's way into language.
It's about fucking time people started to say cunt more often.
It's an empowering word... and - personally - it sounds kinda grand when I hear a woman saying it.
It doesn't have to be a negative or used pejoratively... but it sure can stop folks in their tracks.
... and my opinion works like this...
Words are power... and power can be abused... and it's an abuse beyond compare to let so much power rest
with a stupid word like "cunt".
People have just gotsta gotsta gotsta... get over it.
It's just a word.
It has lots of meaning.
It can be mean and nasty...
and it can be warm and fuzzy.
No... er... pun intended. :D

Later sk8ers. :D

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