Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, May 25

Friday... beautiful, sunny and lovely day in Regina.
of course, it's on the day I'm leaving.
Clearly Regina is trying to tell me something.


~ dk green trousers
~ summer short sleeve dressy shirt...
~ zee blayzzzer. :)
~ another early day... with a headache. (grrr! - I totally blame the crummy chinese food I had for dinner last night)
~ work early with the client to wrap up the project.
~ gone by 12:00 to the airport
~ fly to Toronto, and then fly to Ottawa... arriving at like, 9:00 pm. sigh.
~ madly hug children and wife and be a big goof because I've missed them so much.
~ that I find the candies Ed wanted me to bring back...

Birthday moments...Edit: oddly enough from back in March... because I'm a dough head. :D
Happy birthday out to Crystal (gottabecrazy)... where ever you may be. :D
and a big wish for a wonderful day to alachicky... happy birthday sugar and may this year keep you and your wee family in the best of health and fortune.
... and to a treasured friend in sunny california... her_whispers Happy Birthday sweetness... I hope you enjoy your day today, and that you are rewarded with great love and comfort as this next year unfolds. :D

I bought these nummy and kinda weird candies at the airport in regina last time, and Ed loved them. So, of course, he garnered all kinds of promises that I'd come home with more.
I just phoned the airport and AHHH! They're OUT.
So I'm off to search around Regina for more.
Wish me luck on this. :D

Last night... I made a short post about Studio 60 ... then totally and utterly passed out like a dead person.
I woke up at like 2:00 am and had to pack, and organize for today.

ah well... this has been a grand experience as far as work goes.
And, other than a new client meeting on Tuesday morning, I'm taking next week off to work on the basement. :D

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