Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

watching Dancing with the stars finale.

Having a good time. :)

I keep laughing and crying and not changing the channel.

The mohamed ali memory moment thing with Laila - tears.
Watching Laila training with max... laughing.
Joey's wife talking about pride... - more tears...

Watching Samantha Harris... - laughing.
She's great... and I'm sure she's attractive...
Prol'y killa... but not in that dress.
You know that Jim Carrey thing when he turns away from you, bends over, grabs his bum cheeks and "bum talks" ?
K... just say'en... Sam's dress is talk'en. :D
They're about to announce the winners and i'm betting it's...

boy band guy... Joey and Kim.
But that's because I want him to win.
Now that I'm watching... I get to thinking Apollo is the favorite dude with the judges...
nah... screw it... Joey's gonna win!! :D
We'll see.

Oh... and his dancing partner... she's pretty much incredible, although her "DwtS web site" bio pic... holy scary. :)

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