Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, May 20

cool and rainy. A somber day to let the prospect of Ottawa playing in the Stanley Cup settle in.
Or a somber day to pack... either way.

keeping busy but man? How'd it get to be 4:30 already? geez.

Oh, and I sat there, middle of the night, marveling at how much I enjoy the movie "almost famous". just... sigh.

~ meh...
~ jeans I wish were newer...
~ a shirt with a few hairs down the back from the chop... :)
~ done. :)
~ ok, not fair... up and at a sunday breakfast...
~ lawn cutt'en in the back... quick before the rain...
~ get sorted with a shower and head off to costco... stocking up before I wing away...
~ over to my moms to resort their router... lost it's brains in a power outage... which is stupid but whatever...
~ then the hair chop... chop chop ... chop chop... ahhh... gray hair is no longer poking out around the edges of my ball cap...
~ home and turn costco stuff into baggies in the freezer...
~ sunday ... must pack... iron shirts... n' stuff...
~ for a spider-ish good time in nbbmom's back yard...
~ to thank xaheras for the book idea...
~ and for puppy magic at willedit's house... or puppy ear magic... :)

Birthday moments...
From yesterday!!!
A big happy b-day out to geekgrrrl... this is going to be a great year in the life and time of you... so my wish for you is to have spot-on fab health through the whole shebang... that way you can enjoy it all. :) I hope you had a lovely day sugar-tess.

And today... and happy birthday out to the mostly absent wallacebear. I hope you're getting all the family time your heart desires. :)

We sat and watched "school for Scoundrels" last night. Geo picked the movie on the pay-for-view and ... it was family movie night, complete with Billy Bob Thornton saying "fuck". That aside... the tennis game scene... had me in honest to god pain, clutching at my gut, laughing-so-hard. That made it totally worth it. :)
Laughter is a remarkable medicine.

Not sure how people can still be de-bunking global warming as a problem.
Makes me think of the Black Knight threatening to bite yer 'ead off.
Just because you refuse to accept a truth... it doesn't follow that it's any less true.
No really.

I need to convince my father to spring the extra bucks to get a PVR version of his Rogers set-top box.

k... gotta go iron a few shirts. :)
Have a great day muchachos y muchachas... :D

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