Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, May 14

Edward is home... had to go get him mid morning due to problems with some bug bites he got this weekend.
poor little guy... of course, benadryl cures all ... and now he's home for the day.

Z: "May is officially Hearing month..."
E: What?

This is the 8th straight day that the weather idiots have been calling for Rain. Now their all about calling for rain and stuff for the rest of the week.
Needless to say... it's beautiful outside. Sunshine, hazy, warm... cool breeze... Just lovely.

Geo and I spent hours and hours at the skate park yesterday. I'm breaking in my new skateboard. I'm still having fun with my c.1974 G&S but ... it's time to get used to one of these new boards... sigh. Oh... and I mention this along with the picture, because... of course, I have a "back of the neck" sunburn. goof.

~ new black ftls...
~ newest blue jeans (the p-z's) and they're getting long in the tooth. hmmmm
~ blue t and red sweatshirt...
~ another slave day. I'm all over this report thing... and ... honestly, it's kind of goofy, how much there is to do. I don't know how this is going to get done. (shakes head and sighs ... very deep sigh... close to panic but ... not there yet).
~ Heroes tonight... :D :D
~ write about the "end of survivor" from last night..
~ bugs didn't like my little Edward so much. He gets a wee bite... and it is evil. Swelling, sore, red, ick... Benadryl is our friend.
~ to say that I'm glad a little robert palmer found it's way into nbbmom world today...
~ I could tell danicia how precious she is... er...well, in person. :D
~ for princessblondie to get some new lenses in her frames... 'cuz she just can't see herself as clearly as EVERYONE else on the planet. :)
~ and for a good plan to find it's way into the life and times of pixiecup...

I think I'm going to book a week off work in a couple of weeks and just put five mad days into the basement project. I'm having a hard time getting down there and getting things moving forward!!! I soooooo seriously want the main room done... and I want to get working on the TV room too!!!
Taking "holidays" to "work" ... kinda blows.
Taking a holiday from work... to lay about and be a sloth? God, that would be so sweet.

Here's a blast from my past... a quote from my journal last year on the monday following Mothers day;
PGA Tour Golfer John Daly was recently featured in a short side bar in the sports section (d'uh) of the newspaper... this guy drinks 15 cans of diet coke a day, eats 20 packs of M&Ms and smokes two packs... PER DAY.
I call stats like that... proof positive that Golf is a pastime... and nothing remotely close to a sport.

hahahaha... oh how true!!!

K, I gotta git back to work.
See ya.

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