Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, May 11

Gah... had no time today. Nothing. Work like mad... and now? Chill.
The weather idiots... still calling for storms and rain and all that... It's been nothing but sunshine. Idiots. No seriously. :)

~ p-z jeans... gray t... was a blue t... but that got dirty. :)
~ mad crazy work time, client project, all day.
~ Dr. Who tonight...
~ write about Survivor later. :)
~ that I could take doowat out... for drinks, food, coffee... gah... anything. :)
~ I had some time to cruise LJ FPs... but the kids are a'call'en. And kids come first. :)

When you hear about Zimbabwe expecting to CHAIR the UN committee on sustainable natural resources.
When you're all done laughing...
Shed a tear.
Zimbabwe... former breadbasket of Africa... currently? Hell on earth.

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