Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Ambition's Season

To all things, there is a season.
Thus it is with ambition I suppose.
Certainly, being ambitious is a good thing.
To have a goal, and to work towards it.

But then there is blind ambition.

Here we see the muddled masses.
Lovely suits, franklin planners and circles of despair where their eyes used to be.
Working maddeningly towards an unknown goal...
Death, likely before it's time, the only exit.
In the race for the running, it would seem...
Not for the actually-getting-somewhere.

To all things, there is a season.
And so to you too there may come a time,
When you can see your path need not be more complicated than;

Be happy.
Live well.
And do the things you have to that make doing those two things possible.

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