Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, May 6.

Web host... not quite on the ball today! Can't upload a new pic, so you get last sundays. :D
edit: Ok ... all better now. :)

It's a lovely day... it's been a grand weekend... no question.
Sunshine, yard work, movies, painting, playing, kids school projects, turtles, dinner guests and yummi lemon cake. :)

I'm getting ready to rev up the ol lawn tractor... er... not so old. :D First cut of the season.

Painted all the bulk-heads and they look lovely. Pictures later. :)
We had my folks and my MIL over for bbq last night.
It was a nice easy get together... and my mom brought a lemon pound cake... wwway yummi.

Today started with Boston Legal on the sofa with Geo eating apple turnovers... This is a good thing. :D
And then it's been EARTHQUAKES... the grade three project. :)

This is where I was gonna post pics and comments about this cool turtle we had in our garden.
That'll have to wait till I can upload. M*use C*hange W*eb H*ost (MCWH)!!!!

~ old jeans... chicago T. :)
~ lawn mower time... ride'em style. The fun will wear off... but for now? (yeehaw). :D
~ Isn't the Amazing Race final tonight? hmmm
~ I could stop and chat...
~ my web host didn't suck...

Birthday moments...
A day late birthday wish (Saturday) for cynnerth... May this year bring you wonderful music... and grand adventures. I hope you had a wonderful birthday.
and ...
A birthday wish out to mscantbwrong, although I'm sure you're somewhere else having fun. :D Have a wonderful birthday sugar.
Happy birthday mindcrime... I hope you're enjoying your day, where ever you are... :D
A very happy birthday to precious Tee... :) (tonya) A new mom, all over again... May this year keep you and your lovely family of Mike, Josh and wee tiny Izzy (sorry... had to say "izzy") safe, healthy and happy. But most of all... I hope you have a wonderful time.

have a grand sunday muchachos y muchachas... :D

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