Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, May 4

Does this smile say "serial killer" to you? or perhaps cereal...
'cuz I did kill a bowl of apple n' cinnamon cheerios this morning...

Mad sunshine. PPPPPPlease let this last through the weekend.
please please please please!!

Tomorrow is [ :: FREE COMIC DAY :: ]. (Thanks sometimes59)

Skate park this morning... no new injuries...(kinda sad that this is a consideration. :D haha)

~ jeans and a golf shirt - ancient golf shirt... . :)
~ morning routine... but it started extra early... because I got an unnatural amount of sleep last night.
~ skate park after dropping off the boys...
~ home after a half hour in the half pipe ... holy shwettty man. (gah)
~ work work work...
~ burgers on the BBQ planned for dinner and ... watch survivor! :)
~ oh... and we've some Dr. Who to watch...
~ to send out some "go you" type vibes to nerdular... You've made excellent choices V-girl.
~ for some peace to wrap around astralle's heart...
~ that justholly feels a whole lot better soon!!!
~ and that princessblondie gets good news!!

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday sugar-wench! (wenchlette) :D Have a wonderful day and I hope you
find your way into all the "company" you can use to keep you feeling warm and loved. :)

K, look... what is up with people and abortions?
I cannot understand what happens to otherwise intelligent people
when this topic shows up.
Quick fact... there are 140 million abortions performed every year.
Removing a womans access to a medically sound and legal abortion ... not going to stop abortions.
and will continue to kill 'em off quick as a wink.
Who's the bigger murdering bastard?
The woman that aborts or the people that stop her?
Rampant hypocrisy plagues the pro-live arguments.
The arguments against medically sound and legal abortions are
insupportable without turning the whole deal into a big ass god thing.
And god has no business in free and tax paying womans uterus.

geek: So WinDVD Creator refuses to acknowledge the presence of my dvd burner...
it used to... but then I installed new nero and ... nothing. I've even re-installed Creator ...
but nadda. I'm loath to uninstall Nero... need-the-nero... but frigg'en Nero Vision has not once
pressed a dvd of a tv show without the sound messing up. Creator did a much better job.
Any idea how either; get nero vision to stop out-of-sync'ing the voices or how to get Creator
to start recognizing my DVD burner again?

HEY!!! Reverend Al Sharpton... did you hear???
He's on a campaign to crank up the volume on the sales of Rap and Hip Hop music across america.
... cuz you know... that is only tangible outcome of his rant d'jour.
How frigg'en stupid is this guy?

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