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well well well...

There is simply no end to the goofiness that really good moods can bring out in me... c'est la vie. Maybe today I'll put a little effort into being less goofy. :D

~ another swish swish day... but I did change my boxers, sox and shirt so chill would ya!
~ a sneaky grin about having had such a silly night last night... haha....
~ to get through today without falling asleep on my keyboard...
~ watch survivor tonight and dig that huge... Please ixney the dam useless chef... If I have to watch him in that goofy hat during the final eppi it's gonna make me crazy...
~ write a features contrast between IBM's Netfinity Manager (software) and Intel LANDesk (more software....)
~ get a lock on the babysitting action for tomorrow night - going to see Matchbox 20 and Lifehouse...
~ that the moon would hurry up and be blue... got a few things lined up for the next time that happens.. (:D)
~ for a chance in my life to visit South Africa... I love LOVED!!!! your accent Nola (teaser)... We're gonna show up on your doorstep one day.
~ that I could close my eyes real tight... and then open them and find myself in a nice restaurant in Hollywood having dinner with some of the most wonderful people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting... puglover,whoknew,jaggedpill... you guys are a constant source of wonder in my little world.

umm... just one more thing, there are countries in the world were it's against the law to have as much fun as I've been having lately. I am so freaking lucky! and I know it....

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