Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ Edward continues to totally amaze me ... music wise. He's 9... Geo is 11... and Geo has been setting the pace for music (via CD's for birthdays, downloads, mp3 player, etc...) and he is all about pretty edgy stuff... well, "edgy" may be the wrong word... but he was totally jazzed by the The Fratellis and Green Day rules, etc. etc...
With out any preset information - due to ... like, me playing it all the time or anything... - Ed only ever asks me CRANK up the radio when it's someone like Eric Clapton, Boston, Jimi Hendrix... basically guitar heroes are what catch his ears and ... I love it. :D

~ I totally love Cheesies. I like the soft "tube" ones... and I love the "hawkins" (put Belleville, Ontario on the global map making the worlds best cheesies).
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