Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, April 29

(Ed is just adorable these days... strong willed like an elephant... but adorable never-the-less. :D)

Hi. :)

busy weekend. Decompressing from the week yesterday morning... got more "primer" paint up in the basement...
Lots of driving around delivering kids, and stuff... :)
We got around to watching LOST last night... and I still all "others" should be killed on the spot. Ben knocked that plane out of the sky ... and he covered it up. You watch... you'll see.

Busy day today... with a big cleaning jag going on early on... groceries, costco and home despot... all with Ed in toe... being very patient.
Suz is off at garden centre land with her mom. This is the first summer with the new yard... and there's lot of garden, bush, shrub and tree vibes to lay down. :) (personally, I can't wait till I can honk out on the tractor to cut the lawn with the mp3's, coffee and ... the. um... the "round and round" zen thing of cutting the lawn.)

I'm off to paint the framed, drywalled, taped, edged, mud, sand, mud, sand, mud, primer'ed bulkheads... oh baybe that ceiling is gonna be there soon. :)

~ eh... start in pj pants, into nice jeans and now, into crummy paint'en jeans. :)
~ "jeans" play a rather significant part in my life... I suspect, on review, the word has likely played long in your's as well. hmmm...
~ job jar, cleaning, drive'en and ... enjoying a sunday.
~ oh, and I'm almost done that book... Pillars of the Earth. Not over yet though... I'm savoring it and... honestly? I'm frigg'en pray'en that William gets his due.
~ Gotta get doing more with Ed on his "earthquake project. :)
~ to point out that wolfiegirl really is ... remarkable. :)
~ and that honuhoney is a bit of a spaz... but clearly a lovable one.
~ oh, and congratulations to myclevername on the race!!! Go you!

Birthday moments...
A birthday wish out to gothikbutterfly... from yesterday. :) Happy late BDay sugar-fly. And may you find this year brings you infinite comfort with the way you bring your biggest emotions to their full height. We all have our paths to that place... but we get there. You too. :)

And happy birthday to aprilfool29 May the year be bright and playful. :)
Happy birthday sickboy Let there be music... peace... and patient happiness in your home.
Big goofy birthday wishes to shan-shazam... ectv. I hope this year keeps you and your growing and wonderful family healthy and happy.
And have a wonderful birthday sarah_cares. Healthy happy vibes sugar-sarah... Have a wonderful year.

Big BIG day yesterday... The "trailer" is gone. The neighbors ... moved in a few months before us... have had this big ugly trailer in their back yard... literally all we could see in one direction... since day one. It's gone... ding dong. :D :D :D finally!
Movie and pictures later. :D

Geo had a sleep over at a friends...
... i miss him. :)

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