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Survivor XIV Update!!s

Survivor XIV: The Toilet-Seat Edition

The Hate Stacie Show

Where in... it all starts to pull at the seams, and we get the feeling that that the end is near. Jeff’s brought out a mud game, and we’re feel’en all sorry for people with disgusting trick knees, people getting wronged, and other people being ... just despicable. This all must mean that the Loved One’s episode is coming soon. For now, however, there’s nothing "loved ones" about the dog-eat-dog show that’s going down now.

Survivor 14... in 14 seconds...
(aka "The show in as few words as possible")
Oh look, Dreamz is on the outs with everyone, and stacie’s still a kick ass bitch. Reward is a muddy game of lacross catch, with Stacie sling-shotting the winning ball, and Mookie having his own private Idaho. Stacy and her "team" go and wash up in luxury and eat yummi stuff. Then it’s all about Mookie being more of a dick, searching Yao’s stuff, and running around yelling that the sky is falling when he finds the little idol. They play burninator battleships for immunity, and little miss angry pants herself wins (Stacie). They go to council and Jeff lets all the colour drain out of Mook, then everyone else fry’s his hiney.

It’s night and Dreamz doesn’t have an alliance. Does that mean we can’t see the black guy in da'hood? Well of course not, because they have heavy duty freaky night-shot video and there ain’t nuth’en as trippy looking as Dreamz in night-shot video. But he is on the outside of everyone else’s alliance. The 28th morning and Stacie is still as mean as a snake. Dreamz wants to make nice nice with the idiots (mook and the-nut-case-psycho-flip-chart-that-used-to-be-Alex). Not easy, considering he sold them down the river last night. Anyhoo... it’s time to play a game, and Jeff’s got mud! Biotch and Yao are manning the giant sling-shots, while the gang – randomly turned into two teams, run around in the mud with lacross sticks. Now I’m just say’en, seeing Cassandra dealing out Choke Holds!! Made me laugh. Watching Boo – literally – POP his knee back in after he bungs it bad, kinda had a gag factor of six. Mook does his standard "I’m not winning... I am angry" face. He should never be issued a carry permit. And Team Stacie wins an "Olay Body Wash promo minute... with cheese, etc." So Mook and freak-boy get ants in their pants about Yao and the idol, so Mook riffles Yao’s stuff till he’s showing his pet white boy the little turtle. Next thing you know the two of them are – like complete idiots – sitting in the bush, pounding their chests (literally) and proclaiming their greatness... "two great minds". Never mind that Cassandra and Bitch-queen are, like, fifteen feet away lay’en low. Stacie moves, idiot boys notice and for some reason they feel incensed to "act now" and get all sopranos on the tiny little asian dude. He’s not having any of it, aptly pointing out that he doesn’t really give a crap if they know about his idol. Off they all go to play this game of battleships, al la this giant "burninator" thing flambéing various name boards with a little biotch left at the end. Stacie wears the spiky necklace, they go to Jeff’s pit of fiery fun and he basically calls out Team-Idiot as being snakes and rats. Nice. Even frigg’en nutter Alex votes for Mookie. S'later... strange name guy.

Fav Quotes
"It doesn’t make much difference... not really." Hahaha... As Yao-man responds to team-idiot, after they search his stuff, find the idol and want to know "What you’re going to do about it?" I mean... paraphrase time but Yao had this "how come you guys are so amazingly stupid?" look on his face. It was great.

Stacie, once again endearing herself to everyone, comments that the boys (mook and alex, aka Team Idiot) will be "... lucky if they get fed." God, you just know she must such a huge wicked nasty retch.

Gotta be Jeff asking team-idiot how if felt to be snakes and rats.

Jeff’s Fun Filled Fiery Adventure
(aka "Tribal Council")
Not a happy place for Mookie. Hahaha...

Z’Crystal Ball!!
Holy Yao-man.

Two Things...
~ DID YOU HEAR Boo’s knee pop back in? Ewwwww!
~ clearly alex has run out of his medication.

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