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Thursday, April 26

Gray... cold... icky. Rain is in the offing.

me? Headache day. Not sure why. Likely stress... project stuff... I get a little trippy around deliverables.

~ jeans n'stuff...
~ advil... headache...
~ work work work... sigh... long day
~ tonight? Survivor... maybe even LOST from last night...
~ I had more time... time to sleep!!! :)

I know me well 'nuf. I burn the candle... at both ends... with a blow torch. I live on 5 hours sleep and I'm running with projects going day and night... doing the dad, loves-to-cook guy and hubby thing... constantly. I'm not much impressed with being tired. Singular (allergy med stuff) gets another week... two weeks of this and if it doesn't improve... it goes to the curb.

Talking with a friend on the phone... we're going on about issues with our city and services geared for the kids to ... you know, give them a destination. As it is, they all go to the AMC watch movies and ... hang out in front of the theater... near the bar they can't get into... etc. So I'm like... "What we need is a roller rink (no seriously) with a big pizza cafeteria "SLASH" arcade (think chucky cheese, but ... not on crack)... and a proper bowling alley. An Entertainment Centre... operated for profit, owned privately and... I mean, staffed by teenagers, managed by twenty somethings, servicing the vast population of tweens and up-and-coming teens in our city. So with a serious voice she comes back with ... "if you had a financial backer... would you also include some kind of kiddie services to draw in the stay-at-home-moms in the day time?"


If I could get my head around it... you know I'd have a blast building and running a beast like that...
But it would need serious business planning and... exactly who has time for this?

~ oh, and I'd put a big ass skate park out back... :D hahaha...

What? a boy can dream....

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