Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, April 25

Sunny... cool... April.

Busy day... no time to think... only time to work.
I feel a bit like a Japanese executive. haha...
Ok, that was probably indelicate.
Here's my card. (bows)
Bite me.

Two dozen sweet-cupp'em-cakes ... chocolate, butter cream icing and LOTS of sprinkles...
With the boys to school to be added to the hoard. It's a cup-cake fund raiser. ;)

~ black stripee, blue, blue and black
~ ftls, jeans, t and hoodie.
~ all day ... on a report.
~ LOST tonight...
~ for phinnia to enjoy her "respite"...
~ that circlek soon recovers from being beat up by his Wii.
~ that angryvixen never laughs about his pain ... in front of him... :)
~ to smile at sugar-sparx (sparklegrrl)
~ and to be granted patience... lots and lots of patience. (see below)

Birthday wishes...
~ are performed quietly today.

ring ring... "Hello?"
"Hi... this is Mrs. XXX, principal at the boys school..."
(insert dramatic strings-section moment here...)
"Well good morning... What happened?"
(I briefly imagine something silly to do with cup-cakes)
"Edward and insert-name-of-that-kid-that-Ed-has-so-much-trouble-with-here...
decided to shout the word Bastard as they left the library... and a parent volunteer thought it was directed at her..."
"Is she?"
"Well, anyways... we talked, and they had a talk with the volunteer and everything is fine... but I wanted you to know."


...K, I got lots to do today and I gotta get back to it.
Peace yo. :D

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