Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, April 23

It's cold... well, cool... but the clouds seem more like decoration on a blue canvas than any threat to peace and warmth.

Today is all about writing and gathering information... a couple of follow up interviews with the clients in far away flat-land,
a quick meet with the boss and team and now? Back to business. :D

Six week contract... two weeks at the clients in flat land, and four weeks here in my office ... is a nice recipe for success.
Me like.

~ black, blue, white and beige...
~ ftls, jeans, t and a summery shirt...
~ work work work...
~ canceled my next physio appointments... I'm pretty much done with the neck issues...
~ drove to a starbucks meeting with the boss and a co-worker ... which is always pleasing.
~ and back for more telephone interviews and a'write'en. :)
~ tonight? catch up on Gray's on a video project... maybe break out the paint for the basement bulk heads. (sigh... man that work never ends !!)
~ I could afford to tell other people to work in my basement... but that's not happening. :) So I soldier on.
~ for some peace-in-your-heart vibes to wash over dinkydo
~ that a great deal of "survival mojo" sneaks up on murflegirl and carries her through the next little while...
~ and great big giant whoops of congrats to tonya

My long time LJ friend, tonya had her second baby... the lovely little miss Bella.
I go away to Regina... and miss all the fun!! geez.
Congratulations sugar-T and may Bella be the source of enduring joy and as healthy as all get out!! :)

The thing about putting in the time to get to know someone...
beyond the painted landscapes they position themselves in...
is that you so often find that they are mostly very average.
Sometimes this is depressing, but that is, of course, nobody's fault but your own.
The pedestal you put them on... I put them on... is usually one of our own creation.
But make no mistake... as much as a sudden pedestrian view can dash your imagination,
It can also reward your spirit with the confidence that once again, you are proving to yourself that...
We are all the same... separated by things likely beyond our control... subtle differences of circumstance aside.

They stoned the guy that invented glasses...
... and we should all take some kind of life lesson from that.

Love is not a lightening strike.
It can come again and again and again
To the very same place.
Though it is unlikely to do that... even once,
If, like a lightening rod, you position yourself to draw love away
and run it into the ground.
It's really up to you... innet. :)

K... time to go. :)

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