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Monday, April 23

Opened the garage door... and the "hatch" into the garage attic pops up-and-into-the-attic with the first gust.

Leaves are swirling into improbable flights.
It's a powerful moment for mother nature.
The trees are bending this way and that...
guided by a dreadful, yet exciting, melody
of great, dramatic whooshing...
... rising and falling.

Something wicked ... this way comes...
Weather voices predict thunder, lightening, rain,
and, of course, more wind.

~ black, khaki and black...
~ ftls, pants and t...
~ work work work...
~ up with the boys... minor blow out feeding them... but ... we all just need more sleep.
~ drive them to school...
~ visit my folks (just back from Dominican at a wedding... globe trotters...)
~ and knuckle down, crunching numbers and getting my first client report sorted out.
~ tonight? want to watch the second half of that movie "The Holiday"... watched half on the plane...
~ write about AR...
~ that a sweet girl I know... (*Dee Dee) would start seeing herself as others do (me = "others") and also that maybe if she was feeling a whole lot more confident about how amazing she is... she'd be able to be a whole lot more excited for her cousin!! :D
~ gosh... that things would just hurry-the-heck-up and turn a corner for kimberly27616 (and I always have to look up the 27616 to be sure... because my head just always says "kimberly90210) :D
~ that little miss dangerpoop (the1mouse) hits the unbreakable walls, instead of those windows... with the little mid-day fliers... :D
~ and congrats out to hazeleyedcutie on the closing date!! Big excitement. :)

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday mrssuperbad... I hope you're happy, healthy and having a blast. :)

Random factoid: The Regina Airport Security Screening Desk... employs every butch lesbian in the city.

I believe I should have the omnipotent power to
force people on my friends list that have the
exact same user icons
to fight it out in a
corner until only one of the icons remain.

Time to make spaghetti... :D

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