Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

not for nuth'en,
but my 24th floor room has a window that opens.
screen's out, head and shoulders out, and made a cell phone call.
Doing my bit to honor the memory of the first time I saw The Matrix.

note to self:
you enjoy your work immensely when you can do it
in a thick, soft, fuzzy bathrobe with your feet up
and a fresh cup of coffee stink'en the place up.


Was reminded about the [ :: spoon theory :: ] earlier tonight.
So I thought I'd mention it, and link it, again.
Everybody should understand this, and let the "knowing" of
the spoon theory play a role in their decision making
when they deal with people in the big wide world.
You never know how many spoons it's taking someone
to play in your world.


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